I've only lived outside of Louisiana for an extended period of time due to military service. When in New Jersey for a year and Europe for nearly two years there were a number of things I missed greatly. Below is a list of 10 things I missed then and would probably miss if I had to leave again. Of course some of the things I missed in the past are no longer here but you get the idea. After all you can still get boudin and cracklin here. Check the list and let me know if there are some things you would miss that I did not mention.

1. Evangeline Maid bread fresh from the bakery on St. John Street

2. Hot tamales from Folse's Hot Tamale cart on Jefferson Street in front of the old      Guaranty bank

3. Cracklin and boudin made fresh by my Grandmother's neighbor on Simcoe Street

4. Walking from my home on the Northside to USL (now UL...it was a long time ago)  without having to pack a gun

5. Swimming in the Mouton Pool on Mudd Avenue every summer

6. Snowballs and hotdogs from Comeaux's Snowballs on Mudd Avenue across from  Mouton Pool

7. Pick-up basketball games at the Mudd Avenue Community Center

8. Movies at the Nona Theater on Simcoe Street. My house was directly behind it. I remember being too scared to sleep after seeing 'Dracula' with Christopher Lee. Also remember seeing 'Trapeze' with Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis seven times...that made me want to join the circus! It kinda worked out that way, I got into radio!

9. Chili dogs from the A & W Root Beer stand at the intersection of Jefferson and Moss Streets.

10. Eating donuts fresh from the fryer at Keller's Bakery on Jefferson Sunday mornings after work. Some friends and I would stuff the 'Sunday Advertiser' with comics and sale papers by hand and head to Keller's around 4 am to stuff our faces.

Let me know what you would miss or something you miss from your past.