Facebook. Also referred to as 'book face,' 'public journal,' and I have even heard 'pity party' thrown around a few times. It is something different to each person. For me, it is the way I keep up with family who live out of state. I also have my personal and work Facebook accounts connected. Other than that, I don't really use it much.

As I said before, it is something different for different people. However, someone's way to express themselves can be another person's aggravation. This morning, I heard one of my co-workers complain about something they see almost all of the time on Facebook. It should probably be on the Facebook 'to do' list as a rule.

Well, this peaked my interest a tad bit. I know that I, too, have complaints and aggravations when it comes to certain things people do on Facebook. I am sure others have them as well. After doing a short survey throughout the building, here are the top ten aggravations:

  1. The day after your birthday post
    • Do you really know all 300 people who wished you a happy birthday?
  2. Bad grammar
    • You learned how to avoid run on sentences in elementary school...
  3. Joint accounts
    • Be the best 'you' that you can be...no one else...just you
  4. Gym selfies
    • If I don't work out and look like you, my selfie without the 'perfect' body gets bashed...I don't get it
  5. Girls' 'post break up affirmation' post
    • Are you trying to convince me or yourself that you will be okay?
  6. Game invites
    • Okay, we all know I am a gaming champ, but I can't play them all.
  7. Chain letter posts ('if you don't share, the devil will visit you in your sleep')
    • Your likes and shares will not cure a child and your lack of them will not bring the devil upon you. (Share on Facebook now tagging 10 friends or you will shrink two inches...)
  8. Those who comment before actually reading a post
    • Especially when that comment says, 'This isn't new.' Just because it isn't news to you doesn't mean it's not news to me.
  9. Political hate posts
    • I have my political opinions, and you have yours. I will keep mine to myself and you might think to do the same. There's no need for that kind of negativity.
  10. Vague threats
    • Don't beat around the bush. If Tanya said you are a horrible mom one too many times, you should do one of two things: actually call Tanya out without being shady or call her and tell her how you feel.

You may now troll my Facebook page in search of any violations to these offenses...there are many. Because I am the worst sometimes.