We're gonna dumb ourselves down for a second. These randy Louisiana town names will make 12-year-old you giggle like a school child.

These town names have probably given many a laugh to travelers who see the signs.


  • 1

    Monkey Island

    Monkey Island is a for real island in Cameron Parish.

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  • 2


    A town in Rapides Parish, north of Pineville.

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  • 3

    Bayou Gauche

    I don't think it's exactly spelled the same...or even pronounced the same as what I'm thinking. But tell me your first thought when you see that name!

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  • 4


    Belcher is a village in Caddo Parish.

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  • 5

    Cut Off

    Yeah, but like...WHAT ARE YOU CUTTING OFF??

    Also, This is where Bobby Hebert is from!

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  • 6

    Dry Prong

    A village in Grant Parish.

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  • 7

    Krotz Springs

    Tell me you didn't use to say "Crotch Springs!"

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  • 8


    Well, this can go so many ways...

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  • 9


    A village in Webster Parish. Maybe it's just at first glance, it looks like something else!

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  • 10


    For some reason, this just doesn't sound like a place to visit!

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  • 11

    Golden Meadow

    A town in Lafourche Parish. Yep.

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