The Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority will be getting a one million dollar grant for some renovations of property in a certain part of the downtown area.  The plan is to turn the fifteen apartments into homes for artists.

The Louisiana Housing Finance Agency decided to give the Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority a one million dollar grant.   The money will be used to start construction on a renovation project that will turn a brick warehouse near the downtown Lafayette area into loft-style apartments for artists.

The whole project will consist of the 15 units being turned into new living space.  The project is expected to get underway in October of this year, and the entire cost of the finished products will likely be close to 2.2 million dollars.

The Public Trust Financing Authority not only bought the warehouse, but they bought property near the area as well.  The purchase includes some nearby buildings along with a apartment complex already under construction.

The individuals that will be eligible for these apartments will be for working artists who meet affordable housing income requirements.