CROWLEY, La. (KPEL) -- An apparent fight over child custody has landed a woman behind bars after police say she filed false claims that her estranged boyfriend was sending her threatening text messages.

Crowley Police Cheif K.P. Gibson says 34-year-old Trudy Miller filed five complaints that her boyfriend was sending her threatening text messages. Police initially filed charges against the boyfriend, but after he continually asserted that he didn't have the cell phone in question, Gibson says police investigated further.

"Our officers...discovered that Miller was in possession of the cellular phone being used to send her the threatening text messages," Gibson says. "We also revealed that over 30 threatening text messages received on Miller's phone had in fact been sent to Miller's phone by Miller herself."

Gibson says Miller had the phone since the couple separated, "though [she] originally claimed that her estranged boyfriend refused to return it."

Gibson says the two are scheduled to appear in court for a custody hearing and that Miller may have filed the false complaints to cast the ex-boyfriend in a negative light.

"With criminal charges pending for stalking," Gibson says, "Miller thought she would get full custody."

Miller is in the Acadia Parish Jail on one felony count of false swearing for violation of health or safety.