When Yahoo! sports broke a story about the New Orleans Hornets changing their name to the New Orleans Pelicans, the news was met with mixed reactions. "I hate it!" or "I love it!" were the two extremes, but everything in between was mentioned as well.

Personally, I love it. I was in the middle until yesterday, until Seth Johnson, my co-host on Wednesdays for All Out Blitz, began selling me on why it worked.

I've always loved the pelican, and it's not just because the brown pelican is our state bird. My late Grandfather had an affinity for the bird, and since his passing, a pelican always seems to show up at an opportune time. It may sound cheesy, but for my family, seeing a pelican represents our family history, and the great legacy my Mother's Father left on this earth.

My one concern with the name change is that there was no ring to it. The OR in New Orleans slid off the tongue cleanly when followed by the OR in Hornets.

Equipped with this information, Seth began bringing up all the things that make a pelican unique, as well as a fierce animal. Don't laugh. We did our research.

Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

It almost seems as if Rembert Browne, a writer for Grandland.com, was listening to the show. About the same time we were taking multiple phone calls on the name change, he released this blog. In addition to having Tony Montana's pelican soundbite from Scarface (something we looped continually on the show yesterday), he gives many of the same, and a few new reasons why we should all support the change to New Orleans Pelicans.

Click here to see his 17 awesome reasons why, and jump on board. Ready or not, the pelicans are coming.

As my good friend Seth would say, "Our state bird is the brown pelican. Our state basketball player is the brow pelican."