Over the last several days and weeks, we are seeing things get ugly in the campaign for who will be the next President of the United States.  At the center of it all has been the Republican Party, who have several candidates all vying to be "the candidate" that will challenge Barack Obama for the right to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home.

We have seen candidates like Newt Gingrich pledge to run things without attacks and negativity, only to go negative when it is needed.  Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been negative in going after Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, with different comments about how zany or out of touch they are.  In turn, Ron Paul, Rick Perry and others have taken on Governor Romney about whether or not he is conservative.  All the while, President Obama and his surrogates have been steadily attacking the whole field with the idea that they are all wrong for America.

I personally think it's time to wage a different campaign.  Many think that negativity works and to some degree it does, but people need someone to vote for rather than someone to vote against.  For many Republicans, they already have someone to vote against.  I would say that it's time for Speaker Gingrich to be good to his word and stay positive.  On the same level, it's time for Governor Romney to stop going after his Republican opponents and take the time to talk about his vision for the country.  Vision sells and leadership in this current political climate will definitely sell.  It's time for something positive with some substance behind it.  Something along the lines of President Obama's "Hope and Change" only this time something that shows us you have an idea of how to carry things out and what specifically you hope to make changes in.  So far, no candidate has been able to pull that off.