It's very early in the political season, with the election happening in over a year, but plenty of names have already been thrown into the ring to be the next president of the United States. With all the candidates speeches and promises, as well as the eventual political ads bashing each other, it's hard to make a choice. Fortunately, a new survey from ISideWith will allow you to match yourself to the best candidate based on your position regarding a multitude of topics, from foreign policy to domestic spending, constitutional law and more.

The survey takes a few minutes, and allows you to not only give your response to questions, but also measure how important they are in your live to determine which candidate best matches your beliefs and opinions on the key topics that all presidential candidates must have a stance. The following topics are covered in the survey.

  • Social Issues
  • Environmental Issues
  • Economic Issues
  • Domestic Policy Issues
  • Healthcare Issues
  • Education Issues
  • Foreign Policy Issues
  • Immigration Issues

Finally, there's a bonus question that allows you to select which candidate you're currently supporting. After you submit, you will find out if your current selection matches the survey results based on the issues.

The survey doesn't ask for any personal information, so if you're worried about the NSA snooping (see Domestic Policy Issues), you should be safe. Finally remember, the right to vote was solidified in our constitution, so make sure you are an informed voter as well as an active one.