MONROE, La. (AP) — The National Weather Service confirms three tornadoes struck Louisiana  as a storm system moved across the state Monday.

The most severe of the twisters, which stayed on the ground for nine miles, started at 11:16 a.m. west of the West Monroe city limits. It moved through that city and into Monroe before lifting off at 11:27 a.m. Peak winds were 125 mph and its path was as wide as 300 yards.

Minutes earlier, a second tornado touched down in western Ouachita Parish, damaging houses along its 0.8-mile path before lifting off over Cheniere Lake. Wind strength was 90 to 100 mph and width was 225 yards.

Surveyors also found evidence of a third tornado south of Mansfield. Its winds, estimated at 95 mph to 105 mph, mainly damaged trees.


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