The mayors of Walker, Central and Denham Springs will testify before Congress today in Washington DC on the federal response to the historic flooding. Denham Springs Mayor Gerard Landry says he will voice concerns that many residents who suffered flood damage may have to either tear down their home or raise their house under FEMA guidelines.

“Why in the world are we going to take this unique, rare, catastrophic event of 1,000 years and make us raise homes? That is not necessary.”

Landry says if a home has been flooded multiple times, it does make sense for FEMA to require the home to be elevated, but not in this situation. He says homeowners could potentially spend $100,000 to lift a home that’s only been flooded once.

“The odds of this happening again are so rare, so why make everybody do it when there are potentially 3,000 or 4,000 homes that would have to do so.”

Landry says he will also address the lack of information and misinformation many flood victims received from FEMA.

“You never can get the same answer from anybody, it’s all over the place and it’s really causing a lot of fear and apprehension on our folks.”