The group, Operation We Care out of St. Tammany Parish, has shipped 300 red, white and blue king cakes to U.S. soldiers overseas to celebrate Mardi Gras. Public Relations Director Colleen Smith says these cakes were specially made by Randazzo’s Camellia City Bakery in Slidell for the troops. She says it’s all about putting a smile on the soldiers’ faces.

“When they get the king cakes they’re excited about it and they love to share the cakes with their friends and they send us pictures of them getting the cake. They’re just very happy.”

Smith says names of soldiers are gathered by Louisiana people, so typically most soldiers who receive a cake are from the state, but anyone from anywhere can receive a king cake.

“We do also include literature in our king cakes to give them the background of Mardi Gras and the king cakes and what it all means so they understand the baby in the cake and things like that.”

Operation We Care has been sending troops king cakes for 14 years. Smith says they chose to send the red, white and blue cakes rather than traditional Mardi Gras colors to be a little more special and patriotic. She says they are able to send the soldiers these packages strictly though donations.

“It’s just very important to keep sending support to our troops so that they know that know that we’re still thinking about them and we remember them and we appreciate and support all that they do for us.”