The state's 3rd Circuit of Appeals has upheld a ruling against Former Lafayette Parish School System Superintendent Pat Cooper.

According to court documents, Judge Jimmie Peters and Judge Jimmy Genovese agreed that Cooper's firing in 2014 was a lawful act. Judge John E. Conery dissented.

The Lafayette Parish School Board fired Cooper following a lengthy investigation into claims that Cooper mishandled salaries for certain principals and hired personnel without proper qualifications.

"The Board argued that Dr. Cooper should have presented an amendment to the Board for approval on the issue.  Instead, Dr. Cooper “took money from some place else and paid the gentleman.  That was inappropriate.  For that reason, he was terminated as having violated Board Policy DCI and State law.”

Cooper sought either reinstatement or compensation for the remaining one-year left on his contract when he was fired.

Cooper is expected to take the case to the Louisiana Supreme Court.