Third District Congressman Jeff Landry joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" today to discuss accusations by The Independent.  According to Congressman Landry The Independent claims he broke Federal Law by abusing his "Franking Privilege " which gives him federal money to use electronic or print media to inform constituents of accomplishments or concerns.

Landry says The Independent accepted money from his office to distribute a year-end newsletter, distributed the newsletter and now claims he broke federal law for disseminating his newsletter to Lafayette Parish, a parish that is not part of his district.  The Independent claims they don't distribute to Landry's District 3 but Landry pointed out that they accept advertising money from other clients from his district.

When asked what was behind this article Landry responded by saying "it's a collusion between one of our congressmen and the paper".

Congressman Landry went on to say "when liberal organizations like The Independent attack the TEA Party, attack TEA Party conservatives such as myself know..I wear it like a badge of honor".

Listen to the interview with Congressman Jeff Landry: