Four Lafayette teachers have named themselves the "Fearless Foursome" to get people talking about some of the educational issues they and other teachers are facing.  The teachers have started a Facebook page called "Teachers Standing For Solutions".

The teachers have multiple concerns including:

  • The district's discipline system
  • The large amount of standardized tests
  • The state's teacher evaluation system

Abby Breaux, Andrea Thibodeaux, Linda Rhoads and Jennifer Guillory are the four teachers behind the Facebook page "Teachers Standing for Solutions".  They launched their page this past weekend.  The site now has more than 2,000 people who have liked the page.

Guillory says with some encouragement from her children she decided that starting the Facebook page was the right idea.  She and other teachers have been speaking out about some of the major challenges in our community when it comes to educating kids.

Guillory says it is important that people understand that their Facebook page is about focusing on discussing educational issues so that together we can find solutions.  She says it's not about solely focusing on the problems.