It looks like a 4-way stop sign is coming to Highway 92 (Young Street) and Larriveire Road in Youngsville.


Blair Rivett posted on his Facebook page a few pictures taken by Abby Heaton Warren featuring the intersection and a sign posted with the coming change.


Some of the responses on the post were a simple "Thanks for sharing" to "(It's) About time".

Others were a little more vocal. One of the comments, from Michael, said that the stop sign would be "a huge impedance upon traffic. I can never understand why we will hinder only growing traffic congestion with a four way stop instead of simply placing a traffic signal." Michael also suggested "one of those roundabouts they seem to love around here. I understand safety is the reason for the change. However making the correct change is also important."

Chase's opinion on the matter was this:

As someone who uses this intersection multiple times each and every day I have to say that to put a 4-way stop here is an absolutely terrible decision. As it stands right now there is only a traffic hindrance for people attempting to access Young Street from Larivierre or cross Larivierre. There are alternate paths that can be taken to get where you need to go such as Almonastor or Chemin Metarie. However, this 4-way stop is now going to seriously hinder traffic on one of the busiest sections of road in Youngsville (Young St) where it is much harder to avoid traveling down to get to your destination if said destination is located off of Young St. In my opinion nothing should be done short of a traffic light or turning lanes if you want to inconvenience the smallest amount of people. - Chase, Facebook user.


Youngsville City Councilman Matt Romero was tagged on the post, and here is his response:

I just wanted to pass along the information we have at this time. This intersection is a joint project with the City of Youngsville and State DOTD. Our intentions as a City Council are to eventually have a roundabout installed at this intersection, but due to the city not owning all of the surrounding property we can't install one at this time. The city does have a firm working with DOTD to research the traffic in this area and help us with this intersection and traffic flow. The flashing 4way light and stops signs are not a permanent solution, but it is all we can do at this time till we get final results and information from the State to determine if this intersection will be a full scale light with turning lanes or a roundabout. We hope to have a solution and plan in place within the next couple of months. Progress and growth aren't easy to deal with, but we want to get things done right the first time and not have to come back to correct things years later. Also this intersection is a major component entering our city and a route to the new High School so it is of high importance to the city in making sure it is done right. - Matt Romero, Youngsville City Councilman, Division C

My guess is that it will take a while for people to become accustomed to stopping at that intersection, but I would guess that DOTD will have extra warning signs out for a while after it is first installed.

So, here's your official heads-up: new stop sign to be installed on 8/24/15!