There's nothing more frustrating than hearing people on TV or in our everyday lives say how 'great it is' that gas prices are so low right now. As we all know in this area far too well, the low price of gas means a low price of oil, which is terrible for our economy here in South Louisiana.

The price of a barrel of oil was $31.62 as of yesterday. Here are 5 items that are currently of more value than a barrel of oil. Share this with those you know who don't realize the suffering the oil crisis is causing people in Acadiana, and be sure to support those who are affected in any way you can.


  • 1

    King Cake

    On average, a large king cake from an Acadiana bakery will cost you around $35.

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  • 2

    Boiled Crawfish

    The average price of 5 lbs of boiled crawfish locally is around $35.

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  • 3

    Economy Cable Packages

    The average price for basic cable or satellite packages is between $35 - $49.

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  • 4

    Night At The Movies For A Family Of 4

    On average, a family of four will easily pay around $44 - 60 to go to the movies, including tickets and concessions.

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  • 5

    A Carton Of Cigarettes

    On average, a carton of premium cigarettes will set you back $39 or more in the state of Louisiana.