When the votes were counted the tally read 6 votes for, 3 votes against. Just like that 58 teaching positions in the  Lafayette Parish School System were eliminated by the Lafayette Parish School Board. The board also voted to increase class sizes in the parish.

The board voted to increase the number of students in the classrooms of schools that were rated A, B, or C. Those under performing schools that earned a D or F ranking would keep their current student to teacher ratio.

The current student to teacher ratio is places no more than 23 students in a kindergarten classroom. Teachers in grades one through four may have 25 students in their classroom. The student to teacher ratio for grades five through twelve was twenty-eight. With last night's decision that number is now twenty-nine students.

The decision to increase ratios in the classroom was supported by 36 principals who agreed with the proposal. The reason for making the decision at last night's meeting was to allow those principals and school officials to begin plans for staffing their schools next year. As far as the 58 eliminated positions are concerned. It is expected the eliminated positions will be absorbed by resignations and retirements.