The National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technology at UL- Lafayette recently completed a study on Louisiana's Port Fourchon.  Fourchon supports 16 percent of the nation's energy production, and the only way for travelers to get there is down highway 1.

Nimsat director Dr. Ramesh Kolluru spoke on "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" today about the impact their study will hopefully have on the work to redo highway 1.

Highway 1 is the sole evacuation route for about 35.000 people including offshore workers.  Dr. Kolluru says the one point of the study was to give the impact of what would happen is highway 1 would have to close because of flooding from a natural disaster or some other damage to the highway.  Kolluru says if their were damage to the highway it would in effect shut down the port which would mean up to 7.8 billion dollars in economic losses.