Should we tie the state's tax on gas to the Consumer price index? The chairman of the Louisiana House Transportation Committee is considering such an option. If you're unfamiliar with the Consumer price index, or CPI, the Bureau of Labor Statistics defines it as 'a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services.' Basically, it's inflation.

The chairman of the state House Transportation Committee would like to see the state's tax on gasoline tied to the Consumer Price Index. Karen St. Germain of Plaquemine says this would raise money to be used for roads because when the C-P-I would go up so would the taxes we pay on every gallon of gas.  She says she doesn't like additional taxes, but she likes this idea.

Right now every person pay for gas pays 16 cents of every gallon in taxes. Under St. Germain's proposal, the gas tax would fluctuate depending on the Consumer Price Index. She says the state would receive an additional 25-million dollars for every penny the tax goes up.

Representative St. Germain has filed legislation to raise the state's gas tax, but she says it would also require citizens to pass a constitutional amendment next year during the fiscal session.