We're not sure how or why, but for whatever reason Acadiana has some pretty awesome jingles. Some of them are relatively new, and some have been around since the beginning of time. Check out our favorites and let us know if we missed any classics.



1. A-A Bail

"Who you gunna call when you land in jail? WHO YOU GUNNNNNA CALLLL?"

The A-A Bail jingle is still relatively new in jingle years, but it has wasted absolutely no time in becoming an incredible example of jingle excellence. It's one of the few jingles that actually makes you turn up the radio. I mean, they got the knowledge AND the expertise...

"A-A Bail, call'em up"




 2. Kart Ranch

Everybody loves Kart Ranch. Seriously. Everybody. There is not no one ever that does not love Kart Ranch. It's so much fun, you gotta go back.

If you've ever been "Racin' round, and round the track", you know that Kart Ranch is the closest thing Lafayette has to a theme park. That trip to Kart Ranch was by default the coolest middle school field trip you ever had. And seriously, why doesn't the woman who recorded the Kart Ranch song have a record deal? She might be the most recognizable vocalist in Acadiana. Put this track on iTunes. You know people would download it. You know why? Because... EVERYBODY LOVES KART RANCH!!!




3. Cajun Heartland State Fair

You don't know how or why, but if you Go Go to the Cajun Heartland State Fair you WILL have Fun Fun. It's almost not even up to you.

Just like Festival International, Abita Strawberry, and the McRib, the Cajun Heartland State Fair only comes around once a year. Maybe that's why even after all this time the Cajun Heartland State Fair jingle still jams.

"It's great big fun with a Cajun flair".





New teams assemble!

Who does it better?

KLFY with the smooth classic - "No matter where I go, it's still the best home that I know"


KATC with GMAs "Good morning, Acadiana, good morning, to you"

Every time I hear one of the two Acadiana news anthems I'm immediately teleported back in time to being 5 years old, sitting on the floor at my grandma's house while eating a big bowl of spaghetti with ketchup on it. Serious nostalgia. So who does it better? Who knows. Let's just hope they don't get crazy and try to change these classics.


5. Butcher Air Conditioning

Nobody is quite sure how long ago the Butcher Air Conditioning song was actually recorded. The thing has been around since the invention of the radio. All we know is that for as long as air conditioning has been a thing, Butcher Air Conditioning has had quality at the lowest cost.


6. Diesel Driving Academy

The Diesel Driving Academy jingle isn't around anymore which is terrible news because for a moment in time, the Diesel Driving Academy jingle was 60 seconds of fury. If you missed your window in time to hear the Diesel Driving Academy song on the radio, check out the Youtube video and witness the passionate battle-cry that is the Diesel Driving Academy jingle.

1-800-551-8900. #neverforget



7. Miss Mamies

Way before you were old enough to gamble, you knew you were gunna love Miss Mamies.