There are many ways to succeed at building a brand and that is something we normally talk about when we get together with Jaci Russo.  But seldom do we mention how you can fail.  Today, however, we will take some time to talk about it because there are 8 ways that you can seriously fail at building your brand.

Brand expert Jaci Russo told us what they were:

1 – Just Do It

2 – Lone Voice in the Woods

3 – Who is Buying What You are Selling?

4 – Empty Promises

5 – Changing Horses Mid-Stream

6 – A Name is Just a Name

7 – I’ll Know it When I See it

8 – Talking to the ‘In’ Crowd

She said that there are ways to avoid them.  One of the biggest things to do is get involved.  Russo said,

Lack of doing is going to hurt you more than anything.  Because if you remain silent and quiet in the corner, there are a whole lot of other people that want to stand up and grab the conversation and make it all about themselves.

She had several other tips to share and if you'd like to hear how to avoid doing things that will undo your brand, feel free to give the whole conversation a listen below: