The last of two juvenile offenders who escaped from the Lafayette Parish Juvenile Detention Facility was captured this morning at around 9 a.m.  Lafayette City Police spokesman Corporal Paul Mouton says that two kids escaped from the facility on Good Friday.  The fifteen-year-old was captured right after he ran away from the detention facility, but police had spent the weekend and yesterday looking for the sixteen-year-old who had escaped.  Police say that all changed this morning.

Corporal Paul Mouton says officers acting on a tip were able to track down the second suspect.  He says the sixteen-year-old was found hiding in a bush in the 100 block of Duval Street.  Authorities at the detention facility say they are continuing to look into how the two teenagers were able to escape.

Corporal Mouton says the sixteen-year-old was taken straight back the Lafayette Juvenile Detention facility and put back behind bars.  He says that additional charges are pending against the two for fleeing the facility.  Because the suspects were fifteen and sixteen, police say they will not be releasing their names or why they where placed in the facility in the first place.