Lafayette has seen its share of businesses come and go, but thanks to the internet and YouTube, they will live on in digital history. See how many of these businesses you remember from the 80s and 90s.

  • 1

    Maison Blanche

    Now occupied by Macy's in the Acadiana Mall, Maison Blanche was the place for fashion, and even had the holiday mascot, Mr. Bingle!

  • 2

    Mr. Cook

    Looking for burgers and more? If you stopped at the corner of Johnston and S. College, you'd get your fill at Mr. Cook (along with quite a few other locations in Lafayette including a location on UL campus).

  • 3

    New Generation

    Stereos were totally rad, and to get the latest in 8-track players, cassette decks and even VHS players and giant 19" televisions,

  • 4

    Harvey Toyota

    There's a Sterling Automotive at 5001 Johnston St. now, but back in the 80s you'd be buying a Toyota at Harvey Toyota.

  • 5


    When you needed to get groceries, you very well may have headed to Delchamps, whose last location in Lafayette was on the service road of HWY90 and Willow Street.

  • 6

    Burger Tyme

    Before Acme Taco, Shanghai Moon and Sonny's BBQ, it was Burger Tyme at the intersection of Johnston and Ambassador Caffery (near Best Buy).

  • 7

    Shoe Town

    With a name like Shoe Town, you know what you're gonna get, shoes. But, there's more! You could also get sweaters, dresses, acid-washed jeans and pleated pants. Oh, the fashion of the 80s...

  • 8

    David's CB

    If you ask kids these days, they'll have no idea what a CB is, but back in the day, it was synonymous with truckers and radio enthusiasts. Car stereos and more could be found next to Tampico's on Johnston.

  • 9

    Pizza Playhouse

    Now standing as a Lourdes Imaging Center, Pizza Playhouse was the place for kids to blow off some steam, celebrate parties with Dippy the Dinosaur and play games.