If you found out you had cancer or a life threatening disease what would you do? I would find the best doctors in that field so that I could fight for my life. However, there is a side of me that would want to travel the world, I would want to see as much as possible just in case. That is exactly what a woman from Michigan did!

At 90 years old Miss Norma hit the road to live the rest of her life to the fullest, after her husband of 67 years passed away. She found out that she had uterine cancer and her doctors gave her several treatment options. Miss Norma simply responded, "I'm 90 years old, I'm hitting the road." So Norma, her son, Tim, daughter-in-law, Ramie and poodle, Ringo took to the open road to see the United States in an RV.

After leaving Michigan in August they traveled to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, then off to Yellowstone National Park and the Rocky Mountains. After 6 months of traveling Miss Norma is in good spirits and is enjoying her travels. Her family hopes that her story will help out families talk about end of life plans with loved ones.

If you would like to follow Miss Norma's adventures you can follow her on the Driving Miss Norma Facebook Page.