Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' our 'Winging It Wednesday' panelist; Carol Ross, Mike Stagg and Warren Caudle once again were at odds over our topics.

Our panelists were asked their views on:

  • The Aurora, Colorado theater shooting and would stricter gun control laws have prevented the carnage.
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette's proposed Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender academic minor.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama's sixteen vacations in the three and a half years her husband has been in office.

On the topic of stricter gun control Warren Caudle said stricter controls were not the answer and suggested that,

"The alleged shooter, James Holmes was a doctoral student and looking at a certain segment of the school population, and those that have been to university know that there are more deranged people in his segment of that population.  It's not the gun.  These people are nuts.  They (meaning the shooters) have two goals in mind to kill as many people as possible and to get their 15 minutes of fame."

Mike Stagg said,

"The rule in this country seems to be that the semi-sane can own semiautomatic weapons.   This man bought the weapons and large quantities of ammunition over the internet which of course it seems easier to buy than medicine or books."  Stagg went on to say, "There is no reason for anyone to own a semiautomatic weapon except to kill people."

On the topic of UL's LGBT minor Ross said,

"The fact is that the business world is becoming a more diverse workplace and some of these people will be human resource directors and they need to know certain ways to deal with different people."

You can hear more on all three topics here: