Two years ago, I was the first to admit that I was an outsider.  So that meant, having been a newly minted citizen of the City of Lafayette, I had not yet tried any of the food that can be found at a festival in Louisiana.

Now, don't get me wrong, I did go to my share of festivals and got all sorts of things over the years.  Everything from freshly made Gyros to barbecue to a breaded tenderloin about the size of an old Buick hubcap, I had seen it all, or so I thought.

So when we went to experience our first festival here, it was none other than Festival de Mardi Gras, near Cajun Field.  There we were greeted with something that to that point I had only been told about...Boudin.  I was told by a friend that I needed to make sure that I tried some, so I got myself one at the festival.  Not to be outdone, my family decided to go the daring route and get Boudin Balls.

Off we went into a taste sensation that we had not experienced before.  And why not, we are adventurous people, after all.  I would try to describe it here, but then it really defies description.  Still, I have created for myself a little Mardi Gras tradition.  Mind you, I have had it at other times, but who needs to mention that and ruin a good tradition.

So now, on my third Mardi Gras, I can only say thank you to whoever invented the very idea of Boudin and wish you a happy season as you sample, well, practically everything out there.