Medicare premiums will be going up, but maybe not as much as was once thoughts. It's good news for the millions who are on Medicare who use the program for their health care.

Health officials say folks in the United State who are sixty-five and older and on Medicare won't be paying as much as was originally thought for changes to price in the Medicasre program. Early this year it was expected that seniors would be seeing larger increases, but the good news now is that they will not be impacted as much as first expected by the rise in monthly premiums next year.

Standard premiums for Medicare Part B will be just under a hundred dollars. When doing the math, that means for senior folks they will be paying an addtional three dollars and fifty cents. It was expected to more than a ten-dollar jump for this year.

The annual Part B deductible will drop by 22 dollars. AARP legislative policy director David Certner calls the small hike welcome news as millions of seniors are struggling with higher expenses.