The women of Madagascar have been producing traditional silk burial scarves for centuries and a Lafayette woman is bringing some to town for Festival International.  Katherine Quahaygan, a graduate of Comeaux High School is now a Peace Corp Volunteer living in Madagascar and within days of arriving in Madagascar, she realized she could help to market the silk scarves and help to grow the local economy.

Quahaygan acquired the export/import documentation needed to have a large quantity of scarves shipped to Lafayette in time for Festival International.  Her mother and father will be manning a booth at the Festival Arts and Crafts area with 800 scarves available that include colors of ULL, LSU and the New Orleans Saints woven into the fabric.  Shelly Quahaygan said "we're packed and leaving for Lafayette shortly.  We'll have the booth ready and open at 4:00 this afternoon".

Listen to the interview with Shelly Quahaygan: