Earlier this week, Drew Brees made headlines when he told reporters he would like to play another 10 years in the NFL. At age 35, that means he would play football until he was 45. While many people chuckled at the thought of Brees playing in the NFL well into his 40's, he says he wasn't joking, according to Louisiana Radio Network.

"I know it's one year at a time," says Brees. And it's what have you done for me lately.  You've got to come out each and every year and you've got to prove it and you've got to be consistent and all those things.  But why not push the envelope a little bit.  Crazier things have happened."

Brees wouldn't be the first to play in the NFL at that age. While NFL history documents five of the only seven players to have played in the NFL past the age of 45 to be kickers, Brees is confident that he can do it.

"You still have to play at a high level. You've got to find a way to take care of your body and make good decisions in regards to that. I believe I can do that."

Playing that long would also give him more time to work on this outstanding statistic pointed out by ESPN's SportsNation.

Drew Brees Stat, Sportsnation