How do you know Christmas time is approaching in Lafayette? Well, Santa and his reindeer show up near Lafayette General Medical Center in the Oil Center.

Last week I was talking about this and a listener, Carmen Domingue, submitted this photo to me. I didn't know that the famous sleigh and reindeer were already up over the catwalk near LGMC---But they are.

This is the sign for all of us in Lafayette that Christmas is rapidly approaching. In my opinion, this is the sign that we should all start preparing for Santa's arrival.

What is it in your town or city that signifies Christmas is almost here? What does your city put up that reminds you the holidays are just around the corner? Let me know in the comment section below.

Now, I need to find out if these decorations in the Oil Center are lit. Perhaps I'll do some investigating reporting this evening.

The Festival of Lights in the Oil Center happens on Friday December 2nd. For more information click HERE.