"The Lafayette Food Junkie Show," which airs from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. on Sunday nights here on Newstalk 96.5 FM KPEL, gives Lafayette and the Acadiana area its own show dedicated to the food we all love to enjoy and talk about!

On Sunday's show, Tiffiany Decou, "The Lafayette Food Junkie," and Chef Zach Doise with "LaStreat" food truck spoke with award-winning Silvia Bertolazzi of Carpe Diem (Rick Rowan, the new marketing director at Carpe Diem joined them) about how her passion for gelato led to her opening up Carpe Diem, why she came to America after growing up in Italy and what about Lafayette has kept her here, and loving this area. Bertolazzi also spoke about why gelato is better for you than ice cream, not just in taste but in health content, and what gelato flavors are her favorite.

Also on the show, Tiffiany and Chef Zach talked about cooking at home for the busy/lazy/single person. "A bag of chicken breasts are your best friend," said Tiffiany. Chef Zach gave pointers on how to best make use of chicken breasts. He also gave a warning about making sure you prewash packaged salads and spinach.

They also talked about the television industry's growing interest in local restaurants, as well as Tiffiany's "Farmer's Market Challenge."

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