Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to reflect on 9/11 and see the opening of the new memorial at the former site of the Twin Towers.  It's a terrific display of waterfalls, the names of the fallen and many other pieces that were a part of the national identity during those horrible days when we were all glued to the television, watching what we hoped wasn't true, but knew was.

As the Memorial opens, I have wondered if we have missed out on the opportunity to really honor those that met their untimely death on that horrific day.  I have heard many people say, Donald Trump included, that we needed to rebuild the towers exactly as they were.  I think that there is a lot of truth to that and that this would be the best way to honor those that are gone.  I am not against a memorial that reflects on that day, but I wonder if we shouldn't be christening two new towers that we can lease out office space in and continue the work that went on there.  In fact, I wonder if these new towers should have been just a few stories higher, just to show terrorists that they don't have the power to frighten us into what we have ended up doing.

I have nothing against the Freedom Tower, or World Trade Center One or whatever they are calling it this month.  It seems like a nice building and setup.  But I can't help but feel like there is something missing in the skyline of New York City.

It's probably too late now to do such a thing, but I still think that we can reflect on what should have been.  September 11, 2001 was a bad day in the extreme.  The best healing that this nation could receive is that business is carried out on that site everyday, just like it was.