Louisiana now ranks second in the nation with the highest hit and run rate of fatal crashes per capita, according to a new survey from the AAA foundation. The national study concluded there is a hit and run fatality every minute in the nation.

Don Redman is with AAA.

“It’s a glaring problem that’s been steadily climbing since 2009 to the point now, we’re looking at record numbers of fatalities.”

Redman says the report found most victims of fatal hit and run crashes are pedestrians and bicyclists…

“So, just be a very vigilant driver, be a sober driver and be aware that we have to share the road with bicyclists (and) pedestrians.”

Redman says there are two big factors on why Louisiana ranks second in the nation for fatal hit and run crashes.

“We have a lot of rural areas that do not have sidewalks so there’s people who are walking on the side of the roads. We also lead the nation in the terms of the number of fatal crashes related to impaired driving.”