Victor J. Senegal from Abbeville has caught a WHOPPER of a snapping turtle on his brother’s property on Coulee Kinney canal. This thing looks like something out of a horror movie!

Victor says he was clearing some land and debris near Coulee Kinney when he noticed what he thought was a log. Then, he saw the log MOVE.

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“I wondered where the log came from,” Senegal said. “Then I saw it move.
“It was headed to the water.”

“I jumped on it and tussled with it,” Senegal said.
The battle lasted about 30 minutes, with Senegal coming out on top. He was able to pick the turtle up and put it in the back of his truck.
“I was good and worn out,” Senegal said with a laugh. “My back is feeling it.
“I have fought with a lot of men in my day, and I have never been whipped like I was by that turtle.”

Senegal says the turtle has to bee at least 100 years old.

The question is, will Senegal make a turtle sauce picante?

“I am not eating this one. He’s got to be well over 100 (years old). He has earned the right to live.”