'Tis the season to be giving, but one Abbeville restaurant owner is warning Acadiana residents to beware of potential scam artists.

Katie Frith owns El Camino Mexican Restaurant in Abbeville and tells KLFY that she, and many others, were hosed by a scam artist. Frith posted to Facebook, saying that more than anything, her "giving heart was scammed."

Frith posted on Facebook that her giving “heart was scammed.” She says a woman came into the restaurant claiming her mother was dying. Frith posted that the woman then asked to use the phone and to make a call to get money from family for food. Jamie Colley works at the restaurant. Colley says the woman gave a sad story. “Out of the kindness of her heart they decided to give her money,” adds Colley.

Frith says she gave the woman $20. Later on, a customer revealed she gave the same woman $50 at her place of business just days prior. Soon, more people began to come forward claiming to have given the same woman money when Frith realized they had all been scammed.

Police say there's nothing they can do without a filed complaint, so Frith and friends are asking people who have been scammed to report it to help others from "being taken," but don't let it get in the way of their generosity.

If you have good intentions and a good heart stay with that

Vermilion Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillion believes the scam could possibly be taking place in other areas of Acadiana and warns residents to report any and all scams to law enforcement.

Beware of holiday scams and read his entire statement via KLFY here.

[via KLFY]