In a post on Twitter Monday, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards placed a video showing herself holding cards signifying what women need for Valentine's Day.

One card said 'Maternity Care, one said 'Cancer Screenings' and one said 'Safe and Legal Abortions'.  'Abortions'...I thought Valentine's Day was about celebrating love which to me equates to life itself.

Planned Parenthood says abortions account for only 3% of the services they provided in 2012 but that 3% amounts to 327,166 abortions.  Imagine 327,166 deaths in one year only...legally, and this woman wants to guarantee more of them!

The thought of one human life being extinguished because it was inconvenient is revolting to me and Cecile Richards thinks it should be made available to every American woman as what?  A Valentine's present!

This woman, Cecile Richards is about one pecan praline short of being a box of chocolates.  What a whacko!  Valentine's Day is about love, life and caring for another person.  Caring for another person should extend past the moment of conception and include every life through a natural death.  Valentine's Day feelings should go beyond caring for two adults with a strong physical attraction to each other even if just for one night or years.

I totally agree with maternity care, cancer screenings and other health care for all women but I don't think killing another person qualifies as 'health care'.  I would like to ask Richards if she would feel the same way about abortion if the fetus was known to be female?  Would that not be killing a person she wants better health care for?