The anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision came and went yesterday.  40 years of legal abortion in this nation as a result of the Supreme Court deciding that there was a right to abortions in the Constitution.

I can remember years ago that I was a divided person about the issue.  I decided at the time that I wasn't sure about it.  I think it is important to know all you can about something instead of blindly taking a stand about it.  That said, I wanted to find out what I could about the procedure and what was involved.  Once educated in how the procedure works and what is done, I can only say that I was appalled at what is done.  While it is important to know the facts of the issue, it is not something easily discussed or I would do so here.  Suffice to say that what I saw and heard made me literally sick to my stomach.  For reasons of knowing that what I saw was revolting, I decided that life was the right choice.

The other piece of the puzzle for me, only came a little over a decade ago, when my wife was pregnant for our oldest child.  Anyone that lives through that or lives with someone that goes through that knows full well that the child in the womb is alive and has a personality even there.  We knew it well as we watched what happened.  I knew it when I got to feel him kick as I put my hand on her stomach.  That is the other part of the debate that is not brought up.  That child is alive.  They may not be able to survive outside the womb for a while, but when it comes down to it, that is not the definition of life.  Indeed, babies themselves can't do a whole lot once they can maintain breath outside the womb, they need our help.  Does that make them less than life?

The abortion issue is one that brings out strong opinions and I have mine as well.  The ultimate truth is that we are limiting the right to life of one person, largely for the right of another to pursue happiness.  We need to remember that life is the most precious thing that there is.  Without it, there is no liberty and pursuit of happiness to be able to chase after.  We should well remember that.