At the state capitol, The House Health and Welfare committee approves a bill that would make abortions illegal in Louisiana. The measure by Metairie Rep John LaBruzzo would allow the state to prosecute those who perform abortions with feticide. He says the bill challenges the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision. The bill was approved 10-2 to move to the House floor. Rebecca Kiessling represents personhood USA. She says the bill would recognize unborn children as a "person" in the full legal sense. Kiessling says the bill also removes the rape exception. She says her mother was
raped and almost decided to have an abortion. Opponents say the bill would prompt costly and unsuccessful
litigation. Donna Collins is in opposition. She believes every woman should be given a choice to make the decisions they feel is best for them. Melissa Flournoy, the director of Louisiana Progress Action, believes the state should spend more money on healthcare, sex education and family planning