Governor Bobby Jindal has signed into law a bill that would ban doctors from performing abortions 20 weeks after conception.

The bill carries fines and imprisonment for any physician that performs an abortion after the 20 week cut-off. The Louisiana Family Forum endorsed this legislation. Executive Director Gene Mills says the measure is "moving Louisiana one step toward an abortion-free state."

Mills says the bill is supported by many and believes it would withstand any type of court challenge. He says many other states have similar laws like this in place. Mills says an abortion at 20 weeks is not humane.

We don't even treat livestock or animals the way we do unborn children when it comes to some of the abortion procedures that are done. This sets a...line and it says at 20 weeks we know that the pain receptors are at work, that the fetus...the unborn child can feel pain.

Those who opposed this legislation say abortions should be a private matter between a woman and her doctor. The bill goes into effect August 1st.