29-year-old Bobby Davis Jr. has been arrested for allegedly burning a two-year-old girl with an electric heater, which killed her.

"It may be the most absolute worst case of child abuse I have ever seen," says Allen Parish Sheriff Doug Hebert, whose department is investigating the case. Sheriff Hebert says the little girl from Oberlin suffered from third degree burns on her back "that appear to have been caused by an electric heater by prolonged contact.

"However long she was held against the heater was long enough to burn through the flesh to the bone," says Sheriff Hebert.

Sheriff Hebert says Davis is the boyfriend of the young girl's mother. "All indications are now that the mother was at work at the time of the injuries," says Sheriff Hebert.

A 7-year-old child that was also in the home has been removed from the home and placed into state custody.