"I had no idea I was that sick," Lisa Henderson recalled. "I was just shocked. I couldn't believe what she was telling me, because I didn't feel bad at all."

Henderson said her 2013 leukemia diagnosis was an utter surprise. She said Dr. Victoria Panelli-Ramery called her on a Thursday with her test results. By Monday, Henderson was receiving her first chemotherapy treatments at Lafayette General Health's Cancer Center of Acadiana.

In only five months after her first treatment, she was cancer-free.

Many people in Acadiana who receive a cancer diagnosis travel to New Orleans, Houston, or even further, to get treatment. That usually means lengthy stays in hotels or apartments. Henderson said  she was able to receive treatment and return to her family and sleep in her own bed.

If her story sounds familiar, its because of the following video.

Henderson, her story--and her dog, "Charlie-Boy"--have been broadcast on television and radio in Acadiana making her a local celebrity.

The cancer survivor visited with Bernadette Lee and Brandon Comeaux on Acadiana's Morning News to expound on her story.

Henderson has chronic lymphocytic leukemia--the most common form of leukemia in older adults. That diagnosis means that the leukemia has a chance to return.

She said people often recognize her voice while she's out about town in Acadiana because of the advertisement for Cancer Center of Acadiana.

Even while being a fixture on Acadiana TV and radio, Henderson remains humble. She says God has a plan for everybody.

Of course, she says, Charlie Boy has earned his share of the limelight as well.