It's two months late, but President Barack Obama has unveiled his 2014 budget.

The President says he is cutting the federal deficit, but boosting economic growth. He says his budget plan raises revenue by eliminating tax loopholes for corporations and the wealthiest Americans. Not everyone is happy with the budget.

3rd district Acadiana Congressman Charles Boustany says,

"In waiting until two months after the statutory deadline to submit a budget, President Obama has yet again failed to lead. The President’s own Senior Advisor, Dan Pfeiffer, openly claimed the budget will never balance. Despite creative accounting by this Administration, calling for billions more in tax increases, the American people have not forgotten the President raised taxes just a few months ago."

Boustany says he supports the budget plan put forth by Paul Ryan.  He says, "it puts our nation on a sound fiscal path by balancing the budget in ten years, without raising taxes on American families. While the President plays politics with his budget plan, the American people are still waiting for him to lead. I truly hope the President can work with House Republicans to create a budget that will fix our nation’s long-term problems. Unfortunately, this current proposal simply does not meet that standard.”