It will be another active week at the Louisiana State Legislature, but State Senator Page Cortez of Lafayette says this week likely will have less fireworks than the first two weeks.  A week and a half ago hundreds of teachers were at the Capitol to protest Governor Bobby Jindal's education reform packages.  Many teachers were upset with his proposed changes to tenure and a new statewide voucher system.  The House passed each of the measures with some minor changes, and the state Senate will be hearing those items in committee this week.  After that the measures will head to the Senate floor where Cortez says there will likely be even more potentially divisive debate.

Cortez says the state retirement system budget woes and the way the system is constructed will be another hot topic of debate, and measures from both of those areas will be making there way through committee this week, so again, next week will likely be a very  intense one.

About the changes made in committee thus far, Cortez says "it took a lot of work to get to the changes".

You can here the interview below: