He was young, athletic and played for the Cincinnati Bengals, but all that changed in an instant.

Carolyn Henry Claspy, mother of former wide receiver Chris Henry spent time this week with UL athletes, and joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" to talk about the day she decided to donate her sons organs, so that others would live.

Carolyn told Bernadette Lee her son was brain dead after an accident where he fell out of the back of truck.   They had never discussed organ donation, he was not a designated donor, but she knew by giving his organs to those who needed them, she would be letting Chris live through others.  She says the most incredible thing was the day she heard the man who got her son's lungs breathe.  She says she knew then, her son would always be with her.

Carolyn Henry, along with Suzanna Morten of the Louisiana Organ Procurement Association, tell the story in this full interview: