Today, Kim Komando, the Digital Goddess visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' to discuss the possible arrival date of the new iPhone and some social media no-no's.

There has been plenty of discussion about the upcoming release date of the new iPhone and if it will be an updated version of the iPhone 5 or a completely new iPhone 6 so we asked Kim to give us her best estimates on both subjects.  According to Kim,

Rumor mill is that the second week of June when Apple has their world-wide developers conference as they do every year is that when they will announce the Apple iPhone 5s.

Komando added she believed the announcement will be for the iPhone 5s because that has been Apple's pattern of releases.  She also noted that Apple would be releasing a scaled down version of the iPhone at a lower price point for the pre-paid market in countries like India and China.

In addition Kim said,

Apple has a lot of catching up to do in the wake of the Samsung Galaxy S4, The Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than the iPhone...When you look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 it has expandable memory, 13 megapixel camera on the front, nine hours of battery life, it's five inches, it's a big boy.  The resolution is amazing and you can bump your phone against another Galaxy S4 to share information.

When questioned about internet security in regards to social media Kim said,

The laws governing the internet are from the 80's and today's internet is not the same internet.  In addition to that there is big money in data and it's not just the government it's really...a lot of people don't realize when you search for things like cancer, data miners can determine what you searched for and how long you spent searching.

Kim gives more examples of data mining and tips for helping your children safely navigate the internet in this interview: