Tuesday, March 21 with be ACT Administration Day for Juniors and some Seniors in the Lafayette Parish School System.

Students and faculty have spent countless hours on working to make sure they can earn the highest grade possible.

The number a student earns can have a major impact on the schools they are eligible for and what scholarships are they are eligible for.

The Lafayette School Board uses the company MasteryPrep as their ACT preparation provider. Their website, masteryprep.com/act-tips-blog, provides advice and tips on how to prepare for the test.

LPSS officials point out several reminders about preparing for the test. They suggest that students:

  • Take practice tests
  • Pack a bag of what you will need
  • Learn how to pace yourself
  • Never leave an answer blank
  • Use the process of elimination to figure out the correct answer

Officials also suggest that students sleep well the evening before the test and to get a good breakfast on the day of the test, Tuesday, March 21.