Recently a less than well-known actress named Lena Dunham recorded a commercial for President Barack Obama in which she likens voting for him was like her first sexual experience.  I really am sad to hear that her first time was at the hands of a fumbling, deceptive manipulator!  The country has had the same experience with Barack Obama.  He treated first time voters and many others like naive college freshman girls.  He promised them everything and has delivered on very little.  President Obama promised the troops would be pulled out of Afghanistan and he is working on getting out of there.  There's a long term commitment for you.  Four years of getting out!

Of course President Obama was in office when Osama Bin Laden was killed and he keeps reminding those first time voters that waiting for the mission to conclude was the most intense forty minutes of his life so I guess their first time wasn't that meaningful for him.

Just like a girl you're trying to impress or over compensate for disappointing, President Obama has spent a lot of money on those first time voters.  They don't care where the money comes from, even though it isn't his to spend.

He claims to have saved the automotive industry.  If you consider killing off Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn while saving GM and Chrysler as really "saving" the industry he did well.  Makes you wonder why Ford didn't have to be saved.

If Lena Dunham enjoyed her first time as much as she likens voting for President Obama I hope she had government provided condoms to prevent more Obamas and the spread of sexually transmitted government diseases.

Lena Dunham, this is a time for abstinence not for divulging how gullible you are.