Lots to cover and a lot we couldn't.  Check out the things Jeremy ran out of time to tell you about.

You could call it the Granny Shed.

Jeb Bush calls a meeting with his former aides in a venue close to the White House.  He refused to say if he had any Presidential aspirations.

Chevy doubles down on electric vehicles, behold the Spark.

Painting that shows Obama as the crucified Christ.

One Senator seems to think John Kerry would make a good Secretary of State.

Now, White House thinks that Mitt Romney was a successful businessman.

Mitt Romney, a good man that won, even though he lost.  Yeah, confusing, right?

Man with a Mitt Romney tattoo on his face now wants it gone.

Obama planning on 20 day vacation in Hawaii, right in the middle of the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Fiscal cliff means a lot of Americans could now face the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Call it a drive-thru sex box.  At least that is what the Swiss are calling it.

Gitmo inmates coming to America?