With the recent tragedies involving law enforcement in Baton Rouge and Dallas, KPEL's Rob Kirkpatrick and Bernadette Lee decided to have a discussion about the incidents, police training and the aftermath.

"It is extremely disturbing when individuals or groups selectively target those who work everyday to keep our families and communities safe," says AG Landry. "Louisiana citizens can be assured that the LADOJ will continue to work with all law enforcement agencies in efforts to prevent these types of heinous acts."

Earlier this week, AG Landry announced that he would stay in Baton Rouge this week instead of attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Instead, I will continue to assist the grieving families and law enforcement agencies impacted by Sunday’s heinous attack. Politics and political events will always be there; now is the time for unity.”

While on “Acadiana’s Morning News,” AG Landry also gave his thoughts on Ted Cruz’s speech at the RNC, expressing his disappointment in the way Ted Cruz handled the opportunity.