The Lafayette Parish School Board is tasked on annual basis with evaluating the job of Superintendent of Schools Donald Aguillard.

The members of the board shared the scores and discussed Dr. Aguillard's evaluation with him at last night's meeting.

The Lafayette Parish School Board members evaluate Dr. Aguillard's performance based on 28 standards in six different categories.

Dr. Aguillard's combined, overall score from the board was a 6.73 out of 8.

The Superintendent earned his highest individual score in the category "Professionalism" category. In that category Aguillard earned a 7.00 out of 8.

The following is a list of the each individual category and his score:

  • Organizational Management                       6.51/8
  • Instructional Leadership                              6.57/8
  • Planning & Assessment                              6.58/8
  • Policy & Governance                                   6.81/8
  • Communication & Community Relations     6.89/8
  • Professionalism                                           7.00/8

His highest scores from an individual school board member came from District 5 School Board member Britt Latiolais. He gave Aguillard an overall score of 7.58.

Aguillard's lowest overall score, which is still in the superior performance level, came from District 8 School Board member Erick Knezek who gave him a combined overall score of 5.32.

The other overall combined scores are as follows:

  • District 2 School Board member Tommy Angelle gave Aguillard a score of 7.44.
  • District 3 School Board member Elroy Broussard gave Aguillard a score of 7.20.
  • District 4 School Board member Dr. Tehmi Chassion gave Aguillard a score of 7.01
  • District 6 School Board member Justin Centanni gave Aguillard a score of 6.79.
  • District 7 School Board member Dawn Morris gave Aguillard a score of 6.66.
  • District 9 School Board member Jeremy Hidalgo gave Aguillard a score of 6.05.